Practical and Functional Solutions for Small House

Thursday, May 10th 2018. | Home Design

It seems that things have shrunk, or this is an absolute reality or every time we accumulate more things and our house loses meters for days.

This is why we see ourselves in the need to search and, above all, find good ideas to make the most of the square meters we have.

Main objective: To achieve a comfortable, practical and why not, elegant and last and if you go through using unexpected decorative solutions to take advantage of space, then… dare.

Do you want to monetize your space? We help you.

Furniture: They must be light. If we go to hardwoods of great thickness we will lose space and are very cramped.

Floors: If they are clear, smooth and the size of the big tile, much better. If instead of tile we choose parquet and this one has long slats, we will gain in a feeling of amplitude. In addition the floors with shiny finishes are more generous to the eye in this direction.

Fabrics: Curtains and bedding, as well as sofas should be smooth, bright and light-colored if we want to get the widest possible space. Light and fresh fabrics. With the printed fabrics we will only get the opposite effect.

Colors: White is a classic but it really extends the rooms in a visual way, gives us depth and also have the feeling that it expands the walls.

Light: Do not obstruct your entrance, leave the walls with the highest furniture. We can also use it better by placing mirrors strategically. You’ll get an amazing magnifier effect.

Take advantage of the height:
get the maximum performance at the height, because it is where we will be able to scratch. To do this look for shelving solutions that at the same time decorate. It is not just a matter of taking advantage of space but of doing it with a coherent decorative touch to the rest of our home.

Folding tables and chairs: With the rhythm of life, sometimes we spend little time at home. We should not forget a table and chairs in case it comes visit to see us to enjoy a pleasant time with our diners but, for us, a breakfast or a light dinner, sometimes we just have a countertop or the table of the room so recurrent to taste that CE daily after a hard day’s work. It uses folding solutions that allow us to store and take out in a comfortable way if necessary but to lighten the space of the day to day.