How to Seal Tile Joints

Wednesday, March 21st 2018. | Floor

To make the floors in your home, you often resort to tile joints. It is a series of cards of various sizes and materials that are placed on the ground or even on the walls of kitchens and bathrooms. When you go to apply, you have to flank each other until you fill the entire area of the room.

As a result of the pose, a passage comes into play that must be done absolutely. In essence, it is necessary to seal the joints, that is the spaces between one tile and the other. This is a necessary procedure to promote the perfect laying of majolica tiles.

Thanks to this little guide, we will see how to properly seal tile joints.

Choose the sealant according to the type of tiles

When you lay the tiles, you have to seal them. This is to avoid that any water seepage can give rise to the molds. In this regard, a particular instrument is useful to us, namely the sealant. We will then need a specific material to apply between one tile and the other. This material may vary depending on the type of tile that we operate.

The majolica can be made of porcelain stoneware or red bricks. It can also be coated with glossy or outdoor tiles. Here we will deal with sealing the joints of normal tiles, using silicone and mortar as sealing materials.

Know the functions of the mortar and choose the right color

Mortar is a material that allows us to seal the grout joints in an effective and durable way. It helps us to counteract the infiltration in case of rain or condensation, depending on the tiles on which we have to apply it. Rain water infiltration’s are dangerous for outdoor tiles, condensation for indoor ones.

Before rolling out the mortar, we have to choose the right color. For example, if we have to seal the gaps between the white tiles, we have two options. We can use the white mortar for a unique tone, or the colored one to highlight the color of the majolica. However, this choice is at our discretion, according to our tastes.