Small Dining Room: The Ideas to Decorate it and Make it Look Bigger

Sunday, April 29th 2018. | Dining Room

Decorating a small dining room is a pretty good challenge yet just a few little ideas to make it look bigger. The word small can be scary, but you should not be let be discouraged, it takes little to make this space livable, comfortable and suitable to host dinners and lunches with your loved ones and your friends.

The choice of colors

The first step to enlarge your dining room is the choice of the right colors. Jump on clear, neutral and bright colors for the walls. Obviously you can play with the contrasts by choosing furniture with bright, intense and contrasting hues.

Even shape of the table can make a difference

Thinking about the table for a small dining room the first thought is about size and clutter, yet these two variables are not the only ones to keep in mind. Also the shape is decided in the choice: better round than rectangle and if mono-pod will allow you to accommodate more chairs for a family lunch.

Extra large but light volume lights

Needless to deny it, the lights and chandeliers are the basic elements within the furnishings of a house and their choice can be quite complicated. It could be even more difficult in the case of a small dining room; Our advice is to choose however imposing and large chandeliers, but with a light and almost impalpable character.

Complements can make a difference

What dining room would be without the right curtains to beautify your environment and, at the same time, to protect you from prying eyes? The best solution is to opt for packaged curtains directly applied to glass: In this way the room will look wider and airy.

Now that you have discovered these little tricks to give more air to your dining room you just have to find the perfect components for you. Where? In our showroom, of course.

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