Smart Ideas for a Relaxing Home

Friday, March 16th 2018. | Home Design

After an intense and stressful day, the return home is such a longed-for moment, that nothing should ruin it. If for you the House is the welcoming place par excellence, a serene environment where you can find your peace of mind, the smart ideas that I suggest to make it relaxing home surely make it to your case.


To turn your bathroom into a bathroom and even a spa, you just need a few things, such as decorating it with furniture. If you have enough space a seat (sofa, rocking or chair that is), knows give him that extra touch. You can use it to accommodate yourself while you nude, put on your spare clothing or simply as a furnishing complement. Small trick: Being an environment where it accumulates humidity, to dress it choose fabrics for outdoor, waterproof or otherwise resistant to water. At the side you have a nice wicker basket, full of fluffy white towels rolled, just like at the spa.


In the kitchen Choose a color and stick to it. Any space appears more coherent and structured when it is furnished, limiting itself to a definite range of colour, especially the kitchen, which usually tends to be somewhat cluttered. For example, opt for white dishes and crockery or in any case neutral colours in clear hue, at the most with some delicate nuance or decoration in pastel tones. To avoid that the environment is monotonous and too sterile, revive it with warm shades for curtains, towels, cushions of the chairs: use all shades of yellow and gold, soft burnt, to combine with the tint of painting on the walls, so that the space appears less saturated and overcrowded.

Make your kitchen as functional and comfortable as possible, equipped with household appliances and accessories that makes your life simple, from the toaster to the dishwasher, from the food containers to the juice centrifuge. Focus on natural materials such as wood, wicker, rattan: wicker-Braided mats, like those from yoga, hanging on the walls, make the dining room less formal and give it a warm and cozy touch. Light also plays a key role in making a home relaxing: Any room appear more cozy if provided with adequate lighting.