Suspended Fireplace and Central Chimneys: Art and Heating

Friday, May 11th 2018. | Living Room

The fireplace, in addition to the function of heating, can become a particular element of design that enriches the decor of a home and you can choose special models, such as those suspended or central. Let’s see some types and their characteristics.

Those who love fireplace and intimate, romantic and welcoming atmosphere that creates, but prefer to orient themselves towards an innovative typology, which is differentiated by the classics on the wall or at the corner and that well adapts to a style of furnishing rather modern and essential , they can opt for a suspended fireplace, also called freestanding which, thanks to the peculiarity of its appearance, gives an artistic touch to the domestic environments. It is a type of hearth whose structure does not rest on the floor, but is attached to the ceiling and remains suspended from the ground, offering the spectacle of the flames in mid-air.

You may decide to place the suspended fireplace behind a wall, connecting it to a ceiling or wall chimney:

  • Or you can place it in the middle of a room as if it were a big chandelier that brightens and heats.
  • The most frequent materials that are used for this type of fireplace. The fuels and the salient features of the operation.

As far as materials are concerned, they can be built in masonry, soapstone, steel, cast iron and can be enriched with ceramic, wood, marble and stone coatings. On the market are prefabricated models of easy installation and with light and sturdy metal structures, which during the summer season can be dismantled, in order to exploit differently the space that occupy and then reassembled with The arrival of autumn and the first cold.

With regard to fuel, there are wood, pellet, gas, electric or bioethanol specimens.

While the fireplaces suspended gas, pellet and wood (the latter also available with open firebox), must necessarily be connected to a chimney, those electric and bioethanol do not require any flue and are an excellent solution For those who do not have a chimney and who can not build it. Also once disassembled can be reinstalled in a location and in an area other than the ones before.

Some chimneys are equipped with a rotation system that allows to turn the heat and the light of the flames in the desired direction, there are wall versions which can be turned at 90 and 180 degrees and central versions which can be rotated even at 360 degrees. Or there are beautiful central and suspended non-revolving models with firebox entirely surrounded by ceramic glass that allows a vision of the flame from all sides.

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