Ultimate Guides for Great Swimming Pools Designs

Sunday, August 27th 2017. | Swimming Pools

These ultimate guides present you a remarkable collection of swimming pool designs that you might want to have a complete outdoor space. In addition to a beautiful garden in the yard, a gorgeous swimming pool will make another great excitement.

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These guides, hopefully, could give you additional knowledge about some great ideas of swimming pool designs. Have a relaxing and cozy summer by the pool is something that most people do to spend their spare time in a simple way. Delightful sunbathe with refreshing drinks, just enjoying the hot weather. People say that having a swimming pool at home is kind of luxury style, but still few of them just could not find the suitable one. And so it come the remorse.

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It is wonderful to have such a suitable swimming pool in our backyard, a private one. Of course it needs an intense maintenance like a periodic cleaning and water system checking, also the surrounding for the sake of hygiene and safety. A good-maintenance swimming pool could give your house a high value and satisfaction.

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There are many types of swimming pool designs you can choose. Vary from their shape, material, style and size. The in-ground pools are the most popular one. Here we would like to discuss some of the best and gorgeous example of the modest inflatable, in-ground and luxurious styles of swimming pools available.

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Our goal is to guide you in finding the suitable pool to decorate your outdoor space in accordance to your needs and budget. Some of those have an absolute luxury and some are in the minimalist, classic, tropical, also beautiful ornate design.

Pool Buying Information


Fiberglass; swimming pools with fiberglass material are quick and easy in the installation, also have a medium cost of price. They built in a one-piece framework that easily fit in the pointed hole in the yard. On a wet or cold state this material can be shifted around due to the slight of deck supporting structure.

Concrete; concrete pools can be the most costly type of pool. By such a high cost you deserve a deluxe feature and adjustable design. These materials have incapacity on the rough and abrasive surface textures, also can attract algae and bacteria. Besides taking quite a long time in the construction, gunite and concrete pools also have a high-cost of repairing.

Vinyl Liner; the characteristic of this material is the smooth, soft liner and need less sanitizer than the concrete material. The important aspect you should know is that the liner tends to be very thin, that’s why any single or a small hole can be destructive. Another thing is that in every 8 to 10 years this vinyl liner material needs a replacement.

Pool Cost

The several style, size and material of the swimming pool make it difficult to specify the exact cost. According to the nationwide, the average cost is about $50 per square foot, but it depends on the pool location and area, the type also other additional features like pool slides, waterfalls, heaters, chillers, and so on.

Perhaps, you could have around $1,500 and $5,000 for a vinyl-lined pool, $15,000 to $25,000 for a fiberglass pool, and between $20,000 and $55,000 for a concrete pool or for a custom pool.

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