The Advantages of Wooden Garages: Why choose wood as a material?

Saturday, May 26th 2018. | Garage

Many people think that the idea for wooden garages is controversial, even ridiculous, because the wood is easily flammable and they are not a safe haven for your car. Many manufacturers, however, offer modern garage ideas that are not only safe, but cost-effective solutions that save building money. The growing trend in the choice of wooden garages leads to the question: what are the advantages of a wooden construction compared to those made of metal or brick?

Why Choose wooden Garages: an economic construction

One of the main advantages of wooden garages is that they are very practical and easy to use. Building a wooden garage saves you from formalities, as usual, you will not need a planning permit as it is considered a non-permanent structure. Building a garage of this type saves you money because the structure requires only a slab of concrete as a base. Due to the lightness of a wooden garage compared to the concrete structures, it is not necessary a solid base to support the weight of the structure itself. Except that you’ll have to spend less money on materials, you’ll have an additional savings on construction and work costs, less clutter in the front or backyard, much less noise and interruptions and construction can be completed in a couple of days.

Advantages of wooden garages: practicality and comfort

The wooden garages can be customized according to the owner’s request like any other property and there are many original garage conversion ideas that you can use as well. Homeowners can choose a custom roof, wood finish, the type of garage doors. Because the wood is a natural insulator, this means that your garage will keep the temperature and humidity levels better than one in concrete or metal. Such a garage can be mounted on site or delivered in an already finished prefabricated product. The owner can paint it in any color so that the garage adapts to the outside and the landscape of his home. The modern wooden garages were treated with high flame retardant performance which greatly increase the fireproof properties of the wood.