The Most Beautiful Coffee Tables for Your Home

Saturday, May 5th 2018. | Furniture

There is no self-respecting living room without the right coffee tables. Small, sometimes very small, in front of the sofa or on the side, perfect to be shown or useful to create a new table of support: Whatever your choice or your taste and style, from planet Home There are many perfect solutions to furnish the living area.

Produced by Taki, 33 is an eclectic table, full of personality and that will appeal to lovers of minimal style, but also to fans of color. An alternation of discs of different sizes and colors is changed and they are exchanged playing with the volumes of the full and the empty. Ideal for those who love neutral colors and dream a touch of color that attracts attention in the living area, but also for those who are fond of color and do not want to give up ever.


Novamobili, leader in furnishings, produces Orbis: a small living room with dark tones that dominate it both in the round top and in the metallic and thin structure. Ideal for those who have a house with a masculine style, but also for those who love the minimum and clean lines. Perfect for the wide spaces and for those who love the sinuous lines that seem to start and never finish.


Has the Hygge conquered you? Sissi is the right complement to furnish your living space. The coffee table produced by Novamobili, characterized by two legs that connect the opposite angles and cross at the bottom, is ideal for those who want a touch of discreet color and never banal.


A simple, clean and essential line: just like a piece of pencil that draws on a sheet the wings of a gull. The table proposed by Novamobili takes its inspiration from the drawings of the youngest and, thanks to a folded sheet, creates a coffee table unique in its kind. Two floors and a lower area perfect for storing newspapers and magazines: If you are looking for a useful product and at the same time beautiful, this is the right choice.


Three is the perfect number, it is said, and this coffee table is the proof: three slender legs support a circular wooden top. Essential and clean, but at the same time from the decisive character: the coffee table of Novamobili marries both with the most classic styles and with the modern proposals.