Tips for Designing a Bathroom

Tuesday, January 30th 2018. | Bathroom

The renovation of a house always needs to be budgeted and designed in the most correct way. Many are the mistakes that are being committed during the renovation if you do not think about certain basic things that create a comfortable and perfect environment. Even when you proceed with the renovation of your home bathroom, you can often make huge mistakes and create an excessively small, large or uncomfortable bathroom. If you are looking for advice on designing a bathroom, here is what you need described in this list.

Find a corner for the washing machine

The first thing to think about when you think about the designing a bathroom is to find a corner dedicated to the space for the washing machine. The washing machine placed in the bathroom is very comfortable, and is perfect for those who have the possibility to create a sort of closet or shelf where you can place this indispensable appliance.

Fit suspended sanitary

Another idea to think about immediately during the renovation of the bathroom, is the exact choice of sanitary. Sanitary ware must always be suspended, in order to be able to wash and sweep the floor in an immediate, quick and easy way. This idea must always be considered during the project on paper or on the computer to place the various sanitary brackets in the correct way on the walls.

Create a very large shower

One thing you should never forget when designing a new bathroom is the breadth of the shower. The shower must always be designed for two people, in order to be able to wash comfortably and without space problems. So try to think of the idea of assembling and installing two blowers in place of one and to create a large and spacious shower.

Find a place to create a closet

For those who must and want to think about a new project for their bathroom, it is always necessary to think of being able to obtain a small space where you can place a custom closet. Having a closet in the bathroom is always convenient for storing the linens, bathrobes, towels, hair dryer and everything that can be useful. Then design the bathroom as a function of this piece of furniture.

Dye the walls with water-repellent colors

To finish the last useful advice to be able to design a bathroom in a perfect way, is to always dye the walls with water resistant colors. To prevent stains or traces of damp, it is essential to always proceed with the design of a future water repellent paint inside the bathroom that you want to renew.

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