Types of Garage Doors You Can Choose

Sunday, May 28th 2017. | Door

Types of garage doors can be your reference in choosing best part of your house. Garage doors are part of people’s life. It covers the garage and protects what’s inside it, moreover, now-a-days, technology is in advance and it keeps improving. Garage these days is equipped with sensor and beam to detect if someone is currently under the door while it is closing down, although not everyone install this automatic garage door. Now, talking about garage doors types, there are over 5 types of garage doors. Each door has its own uniqueness and characteristic which another does not have.

Choosing the Best Types of Garage Door

The most popular type of garage door is the “up and over”. This type sometimes called as the “canopy”, because it does look like one. It is called “canopy” as about a third of the door (panel height) protrudes out from the framework when open forming a ‘canopy’. It is by fact easy to install. Another type of garage door is the sectional garage door type. How does this type work? This door is split into panels which are positioned horizontally following garage’s roofline. This type of garage door mechanism can also go higher than most other door types and is easily converted to remote control operation. From these two garage doors, have you found your favorite yet?

The next type is called “Round the Corner”. Hmm, why does it call that way? Well, because the doors slides from the corner in one curved slide following the wall. Many have claimed that this is one of the best solutions to solve problem of garage door panels that keep swinging out. Another type of doors is the original side hinge. This is by far the most favorite garage doors and has been used over so many years. The fact that this type of door is very simple, yet efficient as it can open wider compared to previous types above.

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Those are only some of many garage doors out there. Years pass by, many brilliant creators that design remarkable design of garage door. In 5 years ahead, there might be new types which nobody ever comes across. Who knows? Therefore, it is highly suggested for you to do some research before deciding which type you want to install in your garage. So far, what have you got? Have you thought about one type in particular? If you have, which one is it? if you haven’t, try to understand how each type works and then you will see for yourself which types of garage doors that you like the most.

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