20 Best Wall Design Ideas 2017

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017. | Interior

Wall design ideas come in numerous styles. You can make it look modern, traditional, vintage, simple and contemporary. Ensure that it can go well with the theme used in the house. The wall design is not only good to grace the wall in the living room, but also bedroom, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The boring large wall looks vibrant by adding simple wall design. There is no need to choose the complicated wall design because the simple one can bring striking mood in the space. When you want to carry romantic feeling in the bedroom, you can use fairy light as the wall decoration.

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You can set the fairy light in the shape of flower, cute animal, Christmas tree and other objects to add sparkling look on the wall. A big picture of family can be set on the center of your fireplace mantle. It can be used as the focal point in the room. The plain wall in the living room can be decorated with wall decals, wallpaper or faux painting to make it engaging to view. The faux painting technique is good to resemble the lavish and luxury wall design ideas.

To carry bigger look in the dining room, you can choose one wall as the focal point. Then you can decorate it by putting some mirrors in different shapes on the wall. Even though the mirror comes in different shapes and designs, you need to make them look simple and harmonious by using the similar frame. The mirror can be made from wood, gold, or silver frames. If you want to enjoy a good focal point with simple knick knacks and items, you can set open shelves on the wall. It can be decorated with your traditional and hand painted china, ceramic or potteries to display nice wall design ideas.

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