Wall Painting to Make Beautiful House

Tuesday, October 31st 2017. | Exterior, Home Design

Fixing the house and get the desired result it feels very nice. Home look more beautiful, the cost is not much. Here are surefire tips to make over the walls of the house are uneven. Follow the steps and become an expert in your own home.

An old house usually has a problem with the Wall Painting. Starting from a cracked wall, the former seepage water and so on. This problem often arises due to the weather, the environment, and some of which is the impact of the initial application of the material on the walls.

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One problem often encountered is the texture uneven wall. This problem usually arises from the initial application of the coating on the walls. Starting from the brick, plaster, leveling compound to paint. Work on sub-optimal result in outcomes that are not neat.

The tools required to make over the wall is uneven, spatula, brush iron, water, Roskam, milk (calcium), paint and paint roll. What should be done? Consider the stages:

Peel the layers of paint Use a putty knife to peel the layers on your wall. Peel up aci layer visible.

Clean the surface of the wall Clean dust and dirt attached to the wall. Dust and dirt found on the walls can interfere with adhesion of cement leveling compound that will be affixed to the wall is not flat.

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Wet Wet the walls with water with water wall intended to prevent cracks re pengacian hair when done. Wet wall will only make acian not dry quickly and crack.

Do a re-re Aci pengacian to flat surfaces. You can use blended cement additives. Instant cement can also be an option. Use Roskam of melamine boards in order to maximize results.

Alternatively gar Plamir perfect wall display, you can use a mixture of milk (a type of calcium) and glue building as plamir.

After re-paint the entire above steps completed and the wall surface dries, do the Wall Painting. Customize with your choice of Wall Painting color or wall color before. All customized to your taste.

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Referring back your old wall to be one way to make the wall more smoothly. For the case of uneven walls, usually an error occurs during the initial process of coating the walls, would require precision and accuracy. To ascertain whether the wall is flat or not, we can use a flashlight or lamp. Without adequate lighting we usually difficult to clearly see the texture of the wall. Is it flat or not. With the help of flashlights and lamps, wall uneven bumps will be visible.

Should you want to get it as yours, please click on the download images and you will be redirect to download pages. Just select the the size over the wallpaper and wallpaper that you want in download size. Click it and download the Wall Painting wallpaper and wallpaper.