Wallpaper in Bathroom? Now You Can!

Sunday, February 25th 2018. | Bathroom

Would you like to dive into the bathtub surrounded by a Caribbean scenery? Are you fed up with the tactile coldness of the classic ceramic tiles? Do you feel like a different, completely personalized atmosphere that distinguishes the most intimate environment of the house? The solution could be the wallpaper in bathroom.

Wallpaper in bathroom ideas

Until a few years ago this particular decoration was banned from the bathroom because of its easy perishability in contact with the water and also the risk, connected with unpleasant odors, today is finally permitted to consider it an applicable choice of furniture in every corner of our house, even in the room more humid.

To make this goal possible is the rapid development in the field of materials research and printing technologies. The wallpaper for the bathroom (or kitchen) is in fact differs from the traditional one in cellulose to some technical requirements: the substance of which it is composed and the sealant coating are capable of withstanding humidity and condensation, the surface is washable furthermore the adhesive to put posing is particularly resistant and, to avoid damage to walls, breathable.

Before seeing some examples of the latest news from the market, let’s make two clarifications. The first is that if you have a tiled bathroom, it is not necessary to dismantle all the ceramic coating: With the help of a professional just apply it over to the tiles of the plasterboard panels, which can then be upholstered to your liking. The second is that you don’t necessarily have to opt for total coverage of the four walls. You can enhance with the wallpaper only a detail, an angle to be put to dialogue maybe with the shower or with the washbasins, and do not exclude the hypothesis-no doubt suggestive-to decorate only the ceiling.

The market really offers an endless choice of possibilities. Among the companies that deal with wallpaper for the bathroom we propose, to begin, the Venetian LondonArt, which collaborates with several illustrators, designers, interior architects and artists to cover a vast magpie of decorative solutions, From the illustrative to the geometrical. Their papers are fiberglass printed resinate in digital.