Wells Ideas for Windows – What do you need to know about them?

Wednesday, May 9th 2018. | Window

Window wells are the basement windows that allow the natural light to enter and keep away the dirt and moisture. Typically they are below ground level and you can see them in private homes and in urban buildings. A protective well around prevents moisture but also maximizes the use of daylight. The size, shape and design can be very different depending on the type of windows in the basement and we will have to take a look at the main features, characteristics, materials, design and options of decorating wells ideas for windows and there We will provide some ideas that might work for your home.

Wells ideas for windows – functions and features as mentioned above, the main purpose of window wells is to limit the access of water and dirt. It will not allow the melted snow to dip in the basement, will keep the leaves, debris and animals and you will have lasting protection for the windows of the basement. An important function of the basement window is letting in the natural light so that the basement does not fade. This will make the basement area much more comfortable and pleasant and will significantly reduce electricity consumption for lighting. There are ideas that turn the need into a spectacular decorative element of the façade of the house and with a little imagination and creativity you can add to the style and appearance of your home.

Shapes and sizes

There are special building codes and building regulations, which regulate and control the construction of window wells. You may have seen some fabulous ideas but before you actually start working, you have to check whether the design you have chosen complies with the rules for your building.

The size and size will depend on the size of the Windows basement and how deep they are in the ground. One of the general rules is that the length of the pit must exceed half the width of the window and the side perpendicular to the wall must not exceed 1 meter. The bottom of the well should fall below the level of the window with a slight angle of 3-5 degrees. The wells of the windows have different shapes: semicircular, square, but the most popular, practical and convenient is the rectangular shape.

Material options

Window wells are produced by many companies and different materials. Well-prepared wells are available in different sizes, so before purchasing one, it is necessary to carefully measure and calculate the exact dimensions necessary in accordance with the rules and regulations.