When Whitewash House

Saturday, April 14th 2018. | Home Design

It is a recurring theme that we have already discussed in this blog, it is widespread belief that the best time is the good season, then at the end of spring or summer. Obviously it is a belief, a sort of traditional thought that has not at all any foundation with reality, in fact, to the question “when whitewash house” the answer can be, always, because, in fact, the season does not affect the work.

The advice is to do the jobs when you have the availability of time regardless of the period, this is definitely the aspect to be taken into account most important. Whether in winter, spring or other periods, about the work and the quality of the same does not change anything, even during this period you can safely work and do a good job of painting.

Let’s start with the quotation

If not to start the work, this is definitely the best time to ask for a quote, if only because unlike the summer there is a lower demand, so you can make all the considerations of the case calmly without the summer frenzy, behold, when whitewash home, having the time to make the right choices is definitely better!

For the budget the advice is to evaluate first the type of work to be done, this is clearly linked to the current state of the house, to the conditions of the walls whether or not affected by humidity or other type of problems. This is why a survey is always desirable to evaluate the best type of intervention to be done.

So, when do you whitewash house? Even now..

Contact us for a quotation without obligation, maybe planning an appointment for an inspection in order to do all the considerations of the case together.

You can call us at any time, we will be very happy to assist you and offer a suitable budget to your needs.

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