With Trilogy Changes Swimming Pool Design

Sunday, April 1st 2018. | Swimming Pools

One of the first things to define and choose when you decide to buy and build a swimming pool is the water re-circulation system. The systems used to date are the skimmer and the infinity. The skimmer system is the most classic, characterized by openings all along the tank.

The Infinity system, on the other hand, creates a mirror of water even without openings along the edges. The water enters continuously into the perimeter canal and pours into the compensation tank where it is sucked, filtered and back in the swimming pool.

Due to the great success and the increasing appreciation of the grazing board system, we have studied some variables, mostly aesthetic, to meet the tastes of all its customers and to make the pool even more beautiful and customization.

Myrtha Infinity Cascade

The first system is Myrtha Infinity Cascade, a variation of the edge-on-board pool that uses on one or more sides the “cascade” effect. Useful in those contexts in which the swimming pool is sloping, it adapts to every project, making spectacular the design of the pool and creating visual effects that before it was not possible to obtain. This system is absolutely versatile as it can be combined with the traditional infinity system, creating truly unique pools.

Infinity Trilogy

The brand new system is instead the trilogy Infinity, able to get three different configurations from a single module. Thanks to the special adjustable supports it will be possible to configure your own infinity pool with slit, infinity with stones or with grate.

The design of a swimming pool has never been so versatile and at the same time captivating. The trilogy system in fact allows to create situations suitable for every installation context and gives to the mirror of water of the tank absolute continuity. Using trilogy, the swimming pool will appear right from the start perfectly integrated in your garden, pleasing to look and safe from the points of view of the correct re-circulation of water.