Wooden Garage: What advantages brings with it the choice to install one around the house?

Friday, May 25th 2018. | Garage

Choosing to equip your property with a wooden garage is a great way to enhance its functionality and overall value. It’s not just about offering shelter to your car. The careful choice of its placement in a corner of the garden and the natural material at the expense of the most anonymous and cold cement, are aspects that can give great satisfaction.

Satisfying from the aesthetic point of view, the wooden building is able to respond to many needs that can be presented in the family drawing on unexpected and surprising resources.

A safe and friendly place

The wooden garage is a versatile structure and easy to transform according to the change of family needs. Almost every car garage makes you want to turn it into a creative lab for DIY enthusiasts, regardless of the material with which it is built. In addition a wooden structure offers the advantage of being perfectly insulated from the outside and able to guarantee the best insulation even when outside the temperatures are extreme. Whether it’s sultry heat or bitter cold, the ability of the wood to withstand the heat crossing makes it perfect for keeping the temperature stable and pleasant inside the structure. You can not say the same of masonry structures, maybe built in the basement or completely under ground, where cold, moisture and mildew make the environment unhealthy inside. Nor is it enough that the structure is on the outside and not buried, because masonry buildings with a bad roof cover would turn the box into a sauna or a glacier depending on the season.

The wooden garage, on the other hand, passes with full marks the examination of the habitability even when it is not decided to equip it with particular heating systems. A good insulation of the roof and the floor, together with the choice of wood more suitable for the local climatic conditions, will be sufficient elements to make acceptable, or even pleasant, the habitability inside the box.

The wooden garage can easily turn into something else

The choice of the right wooden structure to be mounted in the garden makes the value and functionality of the whole house grow. It enriches it with a dynamic element that adapts easily to the changing needs of the family. It will be advisable to consult a professional expert, better if local, to be advised appropriately about the timber more suitable for the local climatic conditions. Even the size and the right location of the wooden garage will improve its yield and durability, so as to allow it to change function according to the desires and new needs that can be manifested over the years.